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Bell Curve Our exams are tough - really tough and students are often disappointed with the raw percentage score achieved on these exams. But what really counts is how your score compares with the scores of other students preparing for the NCE or SEE. For this reason, a few years ago, we added a Pass Probability feature to our line of Practice Exams. We are very happy to now be able to offer, to our Topic Exam & SEE Prep Package customers, a means of comparing the results of the Topic Exams and SEE Prep tests with the results of other students from across the country.

We deliver thousands of Practice and Topic Exams every year. After completion, each of these exams is reviewed and statistical information is gathered, which allows us to accurately make comparisons and predictions of future testing results. By using the exam evaluators below, you can now assess your performance on our exams as compared to a national average.

The calculated comparison score reflects your overall performance on the Topic Exams and SEE Prep exams as compared to other students, effectively providing a national class ranking. For example, an evaluation score of 42% implies that your score is better than 57% of past exam takers, but is lower than 41% of past exam takers.

Many anesthesia programs are now requiring an SEE score in the top-half of all same-year students taking the exam. Using our Topic Exam & SEE Prep evaluators, scores between 1 - 49% would reflect a performance in the top half (greater than or equal to the 50th percentile) of exam takers. This evaluation is very helpful in assessing your preparedness for the SEE and/or NCE.

Select the Score Evaluator below to compare your score with the national average.

Anatomy Exam OB-Peds Exam
Cardiac Exam Pharmacology Exam
Equipment Exam Prof. Aspects Exam
Fluids Exam Pulmonary Exam
Hepatic/Endocrine Exam SEE Prep Package

Please use the Pass Probability feature to evaluate Practice Exam performance

Technical Stuff:

The score comparison is generated by evaluating the distance between your raw score and the population mean in units of the standard deviation. This is known as the "z-score". The comparison probability (evaluation of your score as compared to others) is then calculated using:

Z Score to P value

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